Handmade Soap Specialties

„Tell me about your soap and I tell you who you are”

The type of soap you use is at least as important as the clothes you put on in the morning or the tea you drink to relax in the afternoon. It reveals your personality. Obviously, you know it. This is why you are here...

Using all-natural materials only, we have been manufacturing our premium soaps for a long time, among which you won’t find two identical pieces since all of them are handcrafted. The formula of our soaps is a result of rethinking the family heritage. Just like the raw materials we use, our soap making technology is traditional, nevertheless, the production of our products, which enjoy ever increasing popularity in our country, is based on modern concepts, also incorporating solutions of the 21st century.

Our philosophy: only the best deserves our representation.

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Hunlife soaps are produced by a gentle cold process, with respect to traditions and using the achievements of the modern technology. The advantage of this method is that in lack of heating, the ingredients can keep their beneficial elements, allowing the active ingredients to express their effect entirely. Let’s think about the beneficial effects that nettle, walnut leaf, rosemary or red wine have on the skin. Tradition is incorporated in all of our movements and the selection of ingredients. There is no need for us to seek tradition as we have never lost it.

We would like you to have everyday luxury accessible for you and allow you to pamper yourself day by day if you wish. Our cleaning agents and cosmetics are very close to the natural sources of our raw materials. While preserving our heritage, we also aim at using national ingredients and additives wherever possible.

Let us introduce our currently available soaps and soap dishes. For those who wish to buy our products as a gift, we can offer a range of self-designed gift boxes. Once you try any of our products you can be sure you will instinctively return to us. We are positive about this...

...And we are waiting for you with a warm welcome!

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